Stop feeling like you’re failing and
level up your Dad game in just 4 months.


Join our Father Forward programme and you will:

  • No longer feel torn between work and home
  • Be more involved in your kids' lives
  • Have a better relationship with your partner
  • Develop more patience and presence with your kids
  • Have more energy and mental clarity for all aspects of your life

How will we do it?

This unique online programme is based on 3 steps to change. You will get clear on:

Stage One

The challenges you're facing as a Dad an what's driving them.

Stage Two

Who you really want to be as a Dad and what’s getting in the way.

Stage Three

The long term vision for your fatherhood and the strategy to get there.


How does it work:

  • We start in April and will work together for 4 months
  • We will meet as a group via, 2-3 times per month
  • You will also have access to three 1:1 coaching sessions with me, as well as our private Father Forward Facebook group

What does it cost?


Option One

£225 deposit

followed by four instalments of £245 each.

Most popular

Option Two

£225 deposit

followed by a single further payment of £865.

Best value

How do I apply?  

This programme isn’t for everyone and I have a limited number of spaces.

You will need to be open-minded about how you can change as a father and motivated to make those changes.

If you are ready to make that shift, then I can’t wait to hear from you. Click the button below to get started.