Matt has spent 15 years as a school leader and is the father to three daughters under nine.

He has worked with thousands of parents and their children during his time in schools and has a deep understanding of how challenging and how joyous it can be to parent.

He knows what it means to make changes in life. After an early career as a management consultant for a top global company, he realised he wasn’t living the life he wanted and left to train as a teacher. He has worked in schools both in the UK and internationally. 15 years later, he is now on a mission to help fathers be the very best they can be.

Matt holds an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from the University of Cambridge. He has extensive experience working in personal and social development for young people both in the UK and overseas and he trains with the Co-Active Coaches Training Institute (CTI). A qualified National College and COBIS training facilitator, Matt is also a founding Director of Making Stuff Better Ltd, working with people in schools to facilitate and manage positive change. He is passionate about using coaching to make a difference in the lives of those he works with.

Matt is a hugely positive force who is incredibly easy talk to and gives incisive and invaluable insights - I found our sessions much more useful and life affirming than I had ever imagined