Organic Man is a coaching programme and community designed to help good men become great Dads.


We understand how hard it can be to get fatherhood right in the 21st century. Organic Man was devised by two former school leaders who have seen first hand how the expectations around parenting has changed, whilst careers develop at rocket-speed and want to do something to help.


Who Do We Work With?

We typically work with Dads who have children under the age of 11 who are struggling to balance their working life with being a father and partner.

Typically, our members want to:

  • Find strategies to spend more quality time with their partner and children
  • Have meaningful, respectful and loving relationships with their children
  • Know how to stay present when they are with their family
  • Reduce the anxiety they have around being a good parent
  • Excel at their careers, but still be an amazing Dad

What Do Our Members Value?

  • The importance of family and the importance of having a career
  • Truth, honesty and transparency
  • Integrity. Knowing when to do the right thing.
  • The role of their emotions and mastering them for good
  • The importance of mental, spiritual and physical health for overall well-being

Our members are busy, but ready and willing to make change. They have an urgent desire to be better Dads, but know that they can’t risk taking the foot off the pedal at work. Our work with them is fast, high impact and long lasting.


How Can I Take Part?

Anyone is welcome and just by being here you've already taken the first step. Next, you might like to sign-up to our newsletter, the Thursday Three. When you do, you'll get a free copy of my guide: 10 Quick Ways to Up Your Dad Game.

The Organic Blog is another great resource for Dads looking for ways to engage and develop real connections with their kids.

Want to go further? Our 1:1 coaching, leadership programmes and Father Forward support good men who want to be great Dads.